QPV, awarded at the Green Disruption Summit on June 17, 2021


On June 17, QPV was one of the Startups awarded at the Green Disruption Summit promoted by FUNDECYT-PTEX and held in the city of Mérida (Extremadura). The organization recognized the potential for disruptive transformation of the PVET software, developed by QPV during the last 3 years and already operating in more than 1 GW of PV installations.

GreenDisruptionSummit main

A cast of professionals, researchers, investors and policymakers rewarded the multiple advantages of PVET for predictive analysis, detection and diagnosis of operational failures in real time and performance optimization of PV plants. The tool developed by QPV combines, in real time, cloud computing, machine learning and parametric procedures to facilitate O&M tasks and analyse in detail the operation of PV installations. PVET allows optimizing long-term production as well as minimizing operational risks associated with the investment.

GreenDisruptionSummit event

Thus, at the Green Disruption Summit, the disruptive characteristics for predictive maintenance of PVET were valued, as a tool of great potential for a facilitating the integration of PV energy in electric markets and promoting the energy transition.