QUALIFYING PHOTOVOLTAICS, S.L. as a company that operates in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, providing services as an independent Testing Laboratory, as technical consultancy and as analysts of the operation of photovoltaic installations, we are committed to:

  • Meet the requirements of our customers and exceed their expectations as far as possible, through the effective performance of our activities..
  • Comply at all times with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activities that we carry out, and others that the organization subscribes to.
  • Maintain these beneficial relationships with our suppliers in order to increase the capacity of both to create value.
  • Respect the commitments acquired with the UPM for the execution of our activity, promote technology transfer and the hiring of personnel trained by this university.
  • Promote the economic development of society, fostering the growth of renewable energies and prioritizing local contracting.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of our management system to achieve more satisfied customers and a team fully committed to this policy.
  • Prioritize the safety, hygiene and occupational health of employees and prevent damage and deterioration of health that may be caused by work activity.
  • Provide continuous monitoring of the competence of our staff in order to maintain our standards of quality and knowledge for the correct provision of the service.
  • Ensure the impartiality and coherence of our activities with respect to the activities carried out.