QUALIFYING PHOTOVOLTAICS, S.L. as a company that operates in the field of Technical Assistance, Quality Control, Engineering and Monitoring Systems in photovoltaic installations is committed to:

  • Meet the requirements of our customers and exceed their expectations as much as possible, through the effective implementation of our activities.
  • Comply at all times the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activities we develop, and others that the organization subscribes.
  • Maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers in order to increase the capacity of both to create value.
  • Respect and commitment to the UPM for the execution of our activity, fostering technology transfer and the hiring of personnel trained by this University.
  • Promotion of the economic development of society prioritizing local hiring.
  • Continually improve the efficiency of our management system to get more satisfied customers and a team fully committed to this policy.
  • Endeavor in safety, hygiene and occupational health of employees and prevent damage and deterioration of health that may cause work activity.
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