The PVET® service allows optimizing the long-term production and operating costs of photovoltaic power plants to maximize their economic return. This service is based on a continuous evaluation of the operation of the photovoltaic plants of the client with a detailed supervision of its operation through the PVET calculation engine.

The PVET engine is a Big Data system aimed at analyzing data from photovoltaic plants. Its objective is to analyze the operation of these plants by extracting data related to their operation and providing detailed information on their evolution over time, their status in real time, fault diagnosis and preventive analysis. In addition, analyzes are not limited to individual plants, but they study photovoltaic assets as a whole, achieving higher levels of optimization. This new approach allows our clients to have a greater strategic vision of the assets and to be able to manage their operation in a more precise way. For all these reasons, the PVET engine is a powerful analysis tool for the photovoltaic sector at engineering and O&M level, both in existing plants and for portfolios of growing assets.

The PVET service is delivered through its own management platform adapted to new technologies. This platform adds new functionalities to the PVET service in addition to those focused on the data analysis.

Example of analysis of inverter operation by PVET
Example of analysis of operation conditions by PVET
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  • Monitoring data validation.
  • Production analysis and main calculation of the main Key Performance Indicators.
  • Losses breakdown analysis.
  • Reliable detection and advance diagnosis of any performance failure, and solution proposals.
  • Comparison with the contractual commitments and initial estimations.
  • Production forecasting to comply with market requirements.
  • Long term production evolution and equipment degradation analysis.
  • Analysis of the AC signal quality and the power control strategies.
  • Preventive analysis: Soiling, PID, hot-spots...
  • Asset management.
  • Continuous consultancy from our PV expert team.
  • O&M strategies management.
  • Data management and control centre service.


  • IEC – 61724





8.140 MW
Number of installations Country Power (MW)
1 Australia 24
5 Brazil 121
3 Chile 448
1 Dominican Rep. 60
1 Dubai 800
1 Ecuador 4
3 Egypt 186
1 France 5
1 Honduras 49
13 Italy 37
2 Jordania 130
1 Kuwait 10
6 Mexico 886
1 Peru 20
1 Portugal 96
9 Russia 120
3 South Africa 125
83 Spain 4950
1 USA 66