Calculation of the expected profit of the PV investment, oriented to its bankability.
We provide an accurate and detailed estimation of the energy productivity along the project’s lifetime.

Energy efficiency of a plant
Energy efficiency of a plant
Temperature losses
Temperature losses
Losses due to low irradiance
Losses due to low irradiance


  • Meteorological data analysis and comparison between available data sources.
  • Provision of the TMY and the TOY.
  • Irradiance profile, angular and spectral response calculations.
  • Losses scenario: shadowing, saturation, low irradiance, self-consumption, grid constraints.
  • Energy yield and the economic returns of the project.
  • Interannual variability and degradation profiles.
  • Bankable software comparison and uncertainty analysis.
  • High versatility: all types of structures, equipment and configurations
  • Multiple applications: grid connection, pumping, isolated installations and hybrid systems.
  • Feed-back for design and O&M optimization


Sisifo methodology: calculation of irradiance profiles, angular and spectral response, impact of shadows and any electrical or physical configuration.